Club Specialty registration form

A secure HTTPS mode is used on the website. However, the protection does not extend to email. The information in this form will be emailed to the organizer of the exhibition and may be exposed to a security breach.

If you do not wish to send personal information using this form, you can register by posting the Finnish Kennel  Club registration form to: 
Kaija Eerola, Alimaantie 210, 14200 Turenki, Finland.



NOTE: The dog must reach the minimum age required for each class at the latest on the day of the show.




If the dog is not registered in Finland, please send a copy of the registration certificate + title to





Is the dog Fi Ch (Finnish Champion)?

Working Class entries need to have enclosed a proof of entitlement (WCC) otherwise they will automatically be entered in the Open Class.

I have paid the entry fee to Finnish Hovawart Club's account; SWIFT (BIC): DABAFIHH. Account number FI36 8000 1970 1057 15. Reference 211 0008.

The entry fee must be paid and the entry form sent not later than on the last given entry date. Late entries will not be accepted.

This entry is binding. According to Finnish dog show regulations, when a dog is entered to a show the entry fee must also be paid. 

By sending this form I guarantee that my dog is vaccinated and ID marked in accordance with the current rules and regulations. I promise to abide by the Finnish Kennel Club's  show rules and anti-doping regulations. I agree that the Finnish Kennel Club and its breed societies are permitted to publish the show reports of my dog(s).

Permission to publish

Please send a copy of receipt of payment to

Please note, that we send alla correspondence by e-mail.